Social Impact and Mitigation Planning

This Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP) describes the TAP project framework for social impact
management. The SIMP identifies the likely scale and nature of impacts in relation to land access,
livelihoods and construction activities. It describes the integrated impact management programmes
which ensure consistent and effective management of social impacts throughout the project:
 Land and Easement Acquisition (LEA) programme
 Livelihood Restoration Programme (LRP)
 Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS)
 Route Social Impact Plan (RSIP)
 Grievance Management Mechanism
The SIMP also identifies processes that address associated areas of social impact:
 Industrial Relations Management Plan (IRMP)
 Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)
 Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)
 Social and Environmental Investment Programme (SEIP)
The SIMP describes the integration and alignment of TAP social management functions at the
corporate level, through the TAP assurance and stakeholder management teams’ oversight of social
and environmental management and stakeholder relations and, at country level, through the
coordination of land management, social and environmental management and Country Office teams.
The SIMP describes the TAP project’s social performance monitoring and compliance assurance,
including monitoring, audit and inspection programmes; the establishment of constraints and
mitigation measures; and the identification of non-conformances and required corrective actions.